We, at Indo Asian Group, incubate young minds, to be active, positive, effective,creative and to celebrate life, above all to make you a versatile and a valiant personality.To acquire new skills, to transform and cope with changes ahead

6 thoughts on “Academic year started for 2016-2017

    1. Greetings…

      We do offer MBA program with the following specializations:
      MBA – Marketing
      MBA – HR
      MBA – Finance

      For futhur information related to courses, please feel free to contact me on 8099-676-960

    1. Dear Keshav,

      We do offer Journalism courses in the streams B.Sc and B.A. with various specalisations like
      B.Sc. (Journalism with Computer Science)
      B.A. (Journalism, Psychology & Opt. English)
      B.A. (Journalism, Psychology & Political Science)
      B.A. (Journalism, Political Science & Opt. English)

      Please feel free to contact us on 8099676960 for furthur information related to courses,

  1. Good going team members, let’s share the website details and course curriculum through social media, to make public use the facility of education, we provide which makes us and them feel provide as a Indo Asianites accomplishing a course curriculum through which they will be nourished to be a complete human and worthy citizen of mother India…

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