Arena Animation Kammanahalli

A pioneer, trendsetter and global leader in Animation education. Arena boasts of over 19 years of experience in training over 4,00,000 students across 20 countries worldwide.

The Indian Animation & VFx industry is expected to grow approximately to Rs.7,340 crores by 2017 (FICCI KPMG report). Backed by world-class faculty and the latest technical educational tools, Arena’s industry focused and job-oriented programmes give students a powerful edge in their career.


Arena Advantage

•    A comprehensive program
•    Industry relevant curriculum
•    Latest tools and techniques
•    Laddered learning from basic to advanced level
•    Projects at regular intervals
•    Specialisation and creating portfolio

Animate PRO

Course duration: 4 months. 3hours a week.

What will you learn: The Animate PRO program consists of three terms.

In the first term the student will be trained on the Image editing software Adobe Photoshop. Altering an image includes doing such things as changing the colors within an image, modifying the size and scale of an image, or putting one picture "within" another. Students will be proficient in designing rich collages for print or web.

The second term will take the student through the wonderful realms of 2D animation through Adobe Flash. Creating animation clips with characters or designing powerful presentations with images using masking, onion skins. Working with texts, frames, timelines, shape tweens. Design and create your own powerful animations.

In the third term students will be exposed to video editing through Adobe premiere. It is a solid, professional-level application which will be more than adequate for most editing situations. Premiere is a powerful editing tool, capable of producing broadcast-quality and high-definition video. It is a very popular package amongst video enthusiasts and professionals. The students can Import video, audio and graphics in a wide variety of formats, edit, manipulate and arrange these elements in a visual timeline, Add effects, filters, titles, etc., they can also export their edited video in a variety of formats, including video tape recordings, DV, DVD, and common Internet video formats.

The course has been customized keeping in mind the future trends and technology that will be in use for along time to come.

The students also have the option to work as Entrepreneurs after completion of the Animate Pro course where in they can obtain Live projects online.


Professional Studies